About us

We are a company that generates you experiences and memories in nature-in the course of cross-country, cycling, organising events and counselling, and organizes you and provides you with the best accommodation capacities in our area and also wider.

You can find us in Slovenia, in the area of Carinthia, the land between the high peaks of Peca, Uršlja Gora, Raduha, Smrekovec, and the Meža valley, which is a collection of truly beautiful and yet unspoiled nature, interesting outdoor activities, unforgettable and long mountain biking trails, hiking and free ski experiences, sports adventures, rich cultural history, and a unique mining tradition of over 300 years.

What we do

Cross country skiing

We organise beginner, intermediate and advanced cross-country skiing courses, individual and group courses in both running techniques, family running courses, cross country team-buildings with the possibility of organising biathlon games, birthday parties for children…

Mountain bike

We are different in offering XC tours with catering in nature and MTB holidays, family one and multi-day MTB tours, we organize cycling through the abandoned mines, tours for the “little” older with E-bikes that included Carinthian pampering, one, two or three day tours on the most beautiful trails in Carinthia, where we also get to know the trails across the border into Austria, Flow Trail – all with the best local MTB guides.


We provide you with the best accommodation facilities in Carinthia and the wider area, even in Croatia, in Premantura (the top destination for cycling from March onwards), where the providers with whom we cooperate provide you with the best prices, tailored primarily to your needs and activities.

Event planning

From the idea to the event we take care of your recognizable and unforgettable appearance in time and space (events we have already organised: the organisation of the photographic exhibition of the Črna MTB Village at the time of the EWS race 2018 in Črna na Koroškem, organisation of various events: a parking day for children, Nordic walking for all, cycling day, Pumptrack events…)

Cross-country skiing

Do you want to learn cross country skiing in three, five hours or in one day/a week?
Are you ready for a complete running, cycling and organizational experience?
If you are, we are here for you!
Cross-country skiing is indeed one of the most comprehensive sporting activities.
A unique part of us:
-A 20-year tradition of learning cross-country skiing;
-Ensure the gradual learning tailored to your knowledge;
-Small, homogeneous groups;
-Through game and entertainment to knowledge;
-The courses are also carried out on the Austrian side, ten kilometres to the remote
Lake in Austria (since the fifteenth December snowy running track, which
Also includes biathlon), in Montenegro, Carinthia, Pokljuka and the rest of Slovenia.

Initial, advanced and advanced cross-country skiing courses

In skating or classical running techniques, for groups or individuals (individual cross-country skiing lessons):
-Min. 5, Max. 8 participants in a group on one instructor,
-Single, or multi-day courses,
-the possibility of renting all equipment,
-Video analysis and typical Carinthian meal.

Children’s birthday parties in cross-country skiing

For your child and his friends, we are redoing a memorable adventure on the Snow and
Cross-country skiing in a fun and different way.

Mountain biking

Koroška is the most green treasure house and an unforgettable combination of
Mountain biking trails, never-ending trails, mountain roads and scenic and
wonderful views, which invite you to visit them together with the best local
guides and of course, in the most beautiful possible company of your MTB friends.

XC guided tours with catering in nature

The start of the tours is in black, where
For 500 altitude meters climb to the pike, continue the route
MacAdam Road to Jakobe parking lot under the Peco Mountain (where we cycle
Additional 500 altitude meters) and then begin to descend sharply into the valley
Warm-which is marked as the Alpine Pearl, where the best Carinsko catering begins
Surprise Guest House Delalut. There’s a descent into the valley where we started with our

Family Guided MTB Tours

Easier guided MTB tours, where we make up to 500 altitude meters, where all the family, together with children, is exploring the beauty of Carinthia, looking for a bicycle treasure and meeting with different techniques of trail riding. Lunch at the tourist farm and descent back to the valley. The path of the larger part leads to the gravel roads and forests, where many interesting…

 MTB tours »for little older ones« with electric MTB

Easier MTB tours somewhere in Carinthia, with unforgettable views, where we stop at
an interesting organic farm, and the housewife takes us through the carinthian food.
a little differently, the surprises just follow!




In the 2023/24 season, due to the conditions affecting our Črna, we were forced to move the rental of running equipment online. So that it is currently only possible to rent running equipment online, on the website sportinkreativa.si, based on an online reservation or for the duration of the Sport and Creative courses, including the courses themselves (which will be announced in advance and on these dates, online booking will not be possible).

We have available approx. 34 brand new sets (24x adult and 10x children).



– Set (SKIS, BOOTS, POLE) = 18 euros
– Skis = 12 euros
– Shoes = 8 euros
– Sticks = 6 euros


– Set (SKIS, BOOTS, POLE) = 15 euros
– Skis = 10 euros
– Shoes = 7 euros
– Sticks = 5 euros


  1. Rental of a set of cross-country skiing equipment Saturday + Sunday = 30 euros / person
  2. Cross-country skiing equipment, three days = 40 euros / person
  3. FAMILY rental of the entire set (skis, boots and poles):

– Parents + 1 child = 40 euros / day
– Parents + 2 children = 47 euros / day


All additional information can be obtained at info@sportinkreativa.si or

on tel. no.: 00386 41 388 919 – Darja Jernej

We are already expecting you 😉

Team Sports and creativity

Our team

Darja Jernej
owner, MTB guide, cross-country skiing teacher
Julijan Klančnik
MTB guide, trailbuilder
Julijan Klančnik
MTB guide, trailbuilder
Kaja Kos
MTB guide, free skier
Primož Šteharnik
skiing teacher, free skier


 For all activities we have the best available MTB guides, ski and cross-country skiing teachers!  However, since each one of you still has their desires and needs, please contact us on e-mail, Fb or Instagram for the right price of the selected offers and your additional desires. We will gladly send you the best possible offer tailored to your personal interests.

How to reach us

 You can find us only a few kilometers away from the border with Austria, Slovenia, more specifically in Carinthia, in Črna na Koroškem. You can access us from nearby airports: Ljubljana-Jože Pučnik Airport, Klagenfurt (Austria), Graz (Austria), Vienna (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia) and Venice (Italy). From all these airports there is a possible arrival with regular air routes or low-cost air services like Ryanair and Easyjet. We can also arrange shuttle services from all those airports.


  • Email: info@sportinkreativa.si
  • Tel: + 386 41 388 919
  • Šport in kreativa, Darja Jernej, S.P.
    Trg 3d

    2391 Prevalje

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